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Seamless Travels

At Bella Vita Trips, our job is to make your travel seamless and hassle-free so you can focus on enjoying every fun minute. Our team will take care of everything from preparation to getting back home: arrange your travel documents from insurance to your visa, book airline tickets, make sure of smooth airline check-ins, seamless transfers from airport to hotel or to any destination of your choice, booking of hotel/accommodation or restaurants to arranging an itinerary customized to what your heart desires or what your schedule demands.

To give you a Bella Vita experience, we offer the following services:

  1. Customized Tour Packages
  2. Corporate/Company Team Building Packages
  3. Visa Processing
  4. Hotel Accommodation Reservations
  5. Domestic and International Transportation Reservations (land, sea, and air)
  6. Travel Insurance Processing


Custom Tours

We aim to make your travel experience as unique and reflective of what you want and need. We can customize your trip itinerary to include relevant events and locations. You want outdoor fun and adventurous trips? We can include hiking trails and scenic routes. You want to soak up the city culture? We can recommend museums, food hubs and events to let you experience being a temporary local. Just want to be pampered and feel the luxury life can offer? We can arrange top accommodations with the best views and services.

We understand that you want to maximize your trip and enjoy every minute. That is why at Bella Vita Trips, we are open and willing to accommodate special requests that will make your trip as memorable and as comfortable as it can possibly be.


Traveling in the time of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions slowly easing up, more and more countries are slowly opening their borders to foreign tourists subject to rules and requirements. Our team at Bella Vita Trips will help you arrange the required documents, including booking tests, securing recognized vaccine certificates and arranging for secure transfers from airport to accommodation. We can also help you arrange mobile passes or help you with contact tracing apps as required by the country or city of your destination.


Available 24/7

We want you to enjoy every moment— Take your photos. Jump into the sea. Climb that summit. Sip a piña colada by the beach. Go party like you have never partied before. Enjoy the quiet and peace, or go on adventures with your family or loved ones. Experience culture and wonder at amazing buildings and historic cities.

Our Bella Vita Trips team will make sure you experience these beautiful moments without worries. We provide a 24/7 hotline you can contact in partnership with a local agency. We are always there with you, a phone or message away, no matter the country or city of destination.

Bella Vita Trips has handled almost all of my international trips as well as my visas, even the inter-country transfers via land. Very accommodating and kinda like my on-call travel agency lol coz anytime they respond right away. Very flexible and easy to plan your trips with. Ms. Inna and her people are the best. Highly recommend!♡

Clarisse Yvette Virgino, August 2019

My friend and I booked a rushed trip to Korea last March but hadn’t applied for our visas yet. I inquired Bella Vita Trips if they could help with the process and if they could help us get our visas in time. Inna Santiago and her team were very hands on with everything and even delivered our passports + visas to our doorstep. It was the best decision because we couldn’t process the application due to our busy schedules. Definitely recommend Bella Vita to everyone! Also, Inna called me when we were at the airport to wish us a safe flight (she was out of the country at the time, and I thought that was just the sweetest gesture!) Super friendly, very professional (with consistent updates), and the best service I’ve had yet! Thank you to Inna and her team (and Jonas!) ❤️ Many thanks, Bella Vita Trips!

Adi Mendoza, April 2019

If you’re looking for a smooth / worry free travel experience then you’re looking at the right page! A huge thank you to the team of bella vita trips for making my dad and I’s work trip to Hong Kong go as seamless as possible! ❤️

Rafa Ayuyao, January 2019

Excellent and premium service! Their staff are very accommodating and friendly! They have all-in packages that made a travel hassle-free. 🙂

Sam Danguilan, December 2016

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