Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

Your Bella Vita Trips Team crafts a bespoke travel itinerary designed just for you based on what you want, need and your style of travelling. With a customised travel plan, you will get the Bella Vita Team VIP care. This includes all or any of the following:

  • Consultations with our team to determine the kind of trip you want based on your budget, needs, wants and travel style. We will craft an itinerary flow that is seamless and perfect just for you.
  • Our team can also help you process your visa to your country of destination. We will help you write that convincing cover-letter and secure all documents needed to make sure you get that visa.
  • Book airline tickets and arrange airport to hotel/accommodation transfers. All you need to do is pack and go!
  • Arrange any and all aspects of your trip—from solo to group tours, guided walks or hike, specialty classes, you name it, we’ll make it possible.
  • Recommend activities you might find interesting, restaurants and cafes, museums, and must see sites.
  • A detailed itinerary with all supporting documents and contact information plus maps (if needed).
  • A 24/7 support team that you can contact for any questions or just anything you need.


If you just want us to find the best hotel in the area or create a one-day itinerary for a specific leg of your trip, we can also do this for you with the same VIP care. Your Bella Vita Trips team can do as much or as little as you want us to!


Do you charge for a quote?

Yes. Crafting a custom travel itinerary is a serious task for us as we make sure everything is planned to the smallest detail at the best value for your time and money. For this expertise, we charge a minimal fee that is non-refundable but is deductible from the total cost of the travel plan package that we will design for you.


Do you offer packages?

Our Bella Vita Custom Travel Plans are like no other standard packages you would see posted everywhere. This is the reason you want our services—because we create a seamless, customized travel plan that best suits you.

We can help you with visa processing and then create a bespoke travel itinerary package that will include bookings on accommodations, airlines, vehicle transfers, restaurants, tours or classes, tour guides, and anything that will make your trip hassle-free. We’ll do the nitty-gritty part of planning; all you have to do is pack, go and enjoy.


How does custom travel planning with Bella Vita Trips work?


If you are sure that we are the team you want, we will start our consultation as we craft your bespoke travel plan and start filling-in the blanks on your itinerary. We can do this via e-mail, messenger chat or video/audio calls—whatever is most convenient for us.

  • Our team will plan out a basic itinerary, one that can be customized further.
  • Once we agree on how to go about your trip, we will send you a formal agreement, and request from you a consultation fee that is non-refundable but will be deducted from the (quoted) total cost.
  • At this point, we will do the nitty-gritty part of planning your trip: our team will start working on the details such bookings, costs, daily planning and other pertinent information.
  • We will keep you updated on all progress and make sure that everything is planned and coordinated with you and our partners to make your trip as seamless and hassle-free as possible.
  • Thereafter, we will send a detailed itinerary plan with quote on the costs, as well as details and information on payment and relevant dates.
  • Once finalized and paid, we will send you a folder with print-outs of relevant documents. This will include your day to day itinerary with your accommodations, bookings to restaurants, tours or classes that we have booked in advanced, contact information, supporting documents like train tickets or passes, a list of suggestions for things you can do or see in the area, a list of recommendations on where to eat, and any map that you might need.
  • If you had your visa processed by our team, we will also include pertinent documents to make sure you travel seamlessly through immigration and airlines.


We want to know how it works, how do we contact you?

If you are sure that we are the team you want, please contact us via e-mail contact@bellavitatrips.com (or via the contact form in our website http://bellavitatrips.com/contact/). You can also send us a message/text/SMS for a return call via mobile at +639178642032 and we’ll make sure to call you right away.

When sending an email, please indicate as much information as you can about where and when and what type of travel you want. The more information you gave us, the better we can advise you on the best way to achieve your dream travel.

An email detailing the following information will be greatly appreciated:

  1. Country/countries of destination
  1. Dates of travel (If you don’t have date in mind, we can recommend the best dates to travel to your country of choice)
  1. Ideas or experiences you want to achieve (Tell us in detail what you want to see, experience or achieve on this trip)
  1. Must see sites (This pertains to destination or sites or experiences that you want to tick off your bucket list)
  1. No of people travelling, ages or restrictions, if any (example, would you be travelling with young children or an elderly with movement restrictions, dietary restrictions, etc.)
  1. Do you want us to help you with visa processing?



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