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If you’re thinking about Japan, you’ll probably first find out about the iconic Mount Fuji. That is only the beginning. Head to Shinjuku for a huge shopping and entertainment district. Want to get out of the cities? Perfect! Japan is also known for its Imperial Castles and stunning natural sites.

South Korea

South Korea is packed with destinations we want to take you. If you’re a nature lover, you must see the breathtaking landscapes in the province of Jeju. If you’re in the middle, Seoul is home to old and new. See Buddhist temples, and palaces, or experience a thriving nightlife. Or see it all at once from the tower on Namsan. If you are a history buff, let us take you to Gyeongju-si to see the Silla Dynasty sites.


Love nature? Then Taroko National Park is just for you, take a picture at the Eternal Spring Shrine, or take an amazing hike along the Zhuilu Old Road! Next we can head to Taipei and experience shopping and sight-seeing from the same Taipei 101 tower. Inquire for more options!

Spain & Portugal

Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ibiza and many more. Hosting some of the best nightlife, scenery, food, architecture, surfing, and a large and diverse array of topics for a person of any type. Spain and Portugal should be on anyone bucket list as they continue to be cooperative contenders as one of best places for travel.

Netherlands & Belgium

Whether you want medieval architecture, a scenic cycling ride, or a relaxed ride on a canal. See the exquisite Rubenshuis mansion museum in Antwerp, or thriving nightlife of Amsterdam, and don’t forget they have everything in between!


Greece; built along the ocean cliffs is not only known as the cradle of western culture. Although it boasts incredible architecture such as Delphi which dates to the 7th century BC. You can see temples from God’s worshipped before stories were even written. But if history isn’t for you, let us show you that Greece is also recognized for its energetic party districts such as Laganas or Mykonos. Let’s tailor an itinerary!


Home to the Alps and scenic landscapes, Switzerland not only produces the best cheese and chocolate in the world but also offers breathtaking hiking trails, magical village tours and exhilarating skiing adventures. In summer, take an easy hike on the scenic, seven-kilometer Mount Rigi panoramic trail or be charmed by picturesque villages along the lakes in Lugano Region. In winter, the Swiss Alps offers skiing opportunity for beginners to the advanced. Take your family with you or go alone— a whole range of adventure awaits you in Switzerland.


A country packed with beauty, history and warmth, experience la bella vita in Italy! Wander along the scenic landscapes of the Tuscan Region, fall in love in the canals of Venice. Do what the Romans do in Rome— get lost in the ruins of The Colosseum or make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Be fashionable in Milan. Whether you savor a gelato or enjoy your pasta, you will definitely wish you won’t leave Italia!


Bali sits carved into the mountains of an entire mountain, indulge in beautiful coral ocean, temples, iconic rice-paddies. If you’re looking for the opposite pace, enjoy luxury beachfront or rooftop club and dining experiences!

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