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Japan Tour Packages

If you’re thinking about Japan, you’ll probably first find out about the iconic Mt. Fuji. That is really only the beginning. Head to Tokyo and Osaka for a huge shopping and entertainment district. Want to get out of the big cities? Perfect! Japan is also known for it’s imperial castles and stunning natural sites.

South Korea Tour Packages

South Korea is packed with destinations we want to take you. If you’re a nature lover, you must see the breathtaking landscapes in the province of Jeju. If you’re in the middle, Seoul is home to old and new. See Buddhist temples, and palaces, or experience a thriving city life. Let us also take you for a ski experience during winter, and explore the DMZ zone. 

Greece Tour Packages

Greece; built along the ocean cliffs is not only known as the cradle of western culture. Although it boasts incredible architecture such as Delphi which dates back to 7th century BC. You can see temples from God’s worshipped before stories were even written. But it history isn’t for you, let us show you that Greece is also recognized for its energetic party districts such as Lasagnas or Mykonos.

Taiwan Tour Packages

Love nature? Then Taroko National Park is just for you. Take a picture at the Eternal Spring Shrine, or make an amazing hike along the Zhuilu Old Road! Let’s not forget to head to Taipei and experience shopping, eating, and enjoy the city life. Taiwan has too much to offer, so travel with us now!

Netherlands Tour Packages

Whether you want medieval architecture, a scenic cycling ride, or a relaxed ride on a canal. See the exquisite Rubenhuis mansion museum in Antwerp, or the thriving nightlife of Amsterdam, and don’t forget the have everything in between!

Bali Tour Packages

Bali sits carved into the mountains of an entire mountain, indulge in beautiful coral ocean, temples, and iconic rice-paddies. If you’re looking for the opposite pace, enjoy luxury beachfront rooftop club and dining experiences!

Bohol Tour Packages

Love the tropical feel? Bohol has beautiful coral reefs submerged in the crystal blue ocean. Relax on the beach, head under for a snorkel, watch Dolphins and Sea Turtles in their natural habitat, or make your way to the Chocholate Hills.

Palawan Tour Packages

The reefs here are home to thousands of species of fish, and don’t forget the turquoise ocean flows through the majestic cliffs waiting to be explored. There is simply too much to do to list here! A must-see experience. 

Cebu Tour Packages

Amazing beaches, unforgettable scuba diving spots, and a city full of Spanish colonial history. Cebu offers a brilliant array of sites and tourist activities! Inquire today about our packages. 


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